Photographer and website developer David Gedeon photgraphing ice at Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills.

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About This Website

Southeastern Ohio area is a great area for hikers with plenty of trails through deep woods and rocky hillsides. I have been hiking these trails for many years and lately started photographing them along with other scenes in and around Athens county.

The photographs on this website are all 360 degree panoramic images rendered with the Adobe Flash Player which you will be prompted to download if you have not already. Your web browser must also have Javascript enabled. If you decide to click the "Google Earth Overview" button you will also need the Google Earth browser plugin. As with Flash Player you will be prompted to download it if it is not already installed.

Linking To Panoramas

To link to a particular panoramic image on this website from yours you must include the PanoID parameter in the <a> tag URL as in:

<a href="">...</a>

If you omit the parameter (e.g. <a href="">...</a> ) the most recently posted panorama will appear instead. You can copy the URL with PanoID from the footer at the bottom of the page displaying the panorama or click on a link to the panorama in the search results page or the sequential listing page and copy the URL from your browser address window.


You can tour the world with panoramic images at the 360 cities website and also learn how to get started photographing your own 360 degree panoramas.

You can learn more than you may want to know about rendering panoramic photographs on webpages at the krpano website.

For information about embedding Google Earth in web pages see the Google Earth API and the KML documentation (keyhole markup language) which has a fascinating history originating in satelite reconnaissance.

For general information about Athens County Ohio see the convention and visitors bureau website.

For more images of the flora and fauna in the Athens area see Lynn Gedeon's pictures.